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Longarm Machine Quilting Prices


Edge to Edge Quilting -
We calculate our quilting fee based on the square inch area of the top of your quilt.

We charge three cents ($0.03) Per Square Inch... This includes the supply of 80/20 Batting** & Thread. The minimum fee for quilting per quilt is $45 plus tax. 

To calculate the number of square inches in your quilt:   *Measure your quilt’s width and length. Multiply the width times the length of the quilt top. 

    Width x Length = Square Inches x $0.03

*Some quilts have varying widths and lengths depending on where they are measured.

Custom Quilting – 
Custom quilts have a minimum charge of $250. Prices are based on the complexity and the time taken to quilt the custom design. Typically we will charge ten cents per square inch. Contact us for more information. 

Patterns –

Standard Edge to Edge patterns can be selected from our Pattern Page or you can choose Quilter's Choice.  All patterns are digital and can be resized from six inches to eighteen inches. The pattern will be proportionally sized to fit your quilt.

We have additional patterns available, if you chose to select a non-standard pattern there will be a $15 pattern fee.

Quilt Batting -    

**We supply 80/20 batting as standard which is included in our price of $0.03 per square inch. 

We also offer these choices of batting depending on your preference: 

  •          Wool batting at $16.00 per yard
  •          100% Cotton at $14.00 per yard
You may also supply your own batting. Batting needs to be supplied in one piece, at least 8 inches wider and longer than the top. 

Glide Thread -     

 We supply Glide 40wt thread.

The same color thread will be used on the front and the back.

Binding Service -        

  •          Full Binding - $0.50 per linear inch (machine sewn on the top and hand sewn on the back)
  •          Partial Binding - $0.25 per linear inch (binding attached to the top only. You will need to finish the hand sewing on the back. 

 You, the quilter, must provide the binding fabric. 

Backing Services    

If you supply your backing fabric or batting as yardage, we charge $15.00 a seam to piece your quilt backing.

Payment -

We accept cash, checks, PayPal, Square and Zelle.

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