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Tips for Preparing Your Quilt to be Longarm Machine Stitched

  1. Your quilt top and backing fabric should be pressed, but not basted.
  2. If you provide the backing or batting, it should be at least 8" longer and wider than the top.
  3. The quilt top, backing, and batting should be single pieces.
  4. Backing seams should be pressed open or to one side. The selvage should not be included.
  5. Sheets are not acceptable for backing.
  6. Please trim loose/stray threads on the reverse of the fabric. Untrimmed dark threads will show through after quilting.
  7. Please clip threads on the top of the quilt. Threads on the top can get caught in the machine while quilting, resulting in damage.
  8. If you requested our binding service, please include the fabric. Contact us if you are unsure of the amount required.
  9. Fragile quilt tops may be refused unless you agree to accept all risk of damage.
  10. CJ's Quilting cannot accept responsibility for any fullness pieced into the quilt; we will try our best to minimize puckers and wrinkles.
  11. A complementary print is recommended for the backing, it will help disguise necessary tie offs and backstitching.
  12. The same color thread must be used on the front and back.